October 24th, 2011

smunb, sunig 2011

Sunig has been over for quite some time, i'm far behind time on blogging, but i've really been too busy. :( 

at the end of our first match against NTU. 

team dinner at timbre. 
i'm so hopeless, i didn't know where timbre was when it's actually just right across the street from SOA! the funny thing was that i agreed to meet a person who was equally lost [yiwei]. and we met shuangru, who was so happy to have met us cause she thought we knew the way. so it's was three blind mice walking around. hahahas. 

yiwei! :D 
my dearest senior whom i've known since primary school! we've been playing together for almost forever. hahahas. it's really nice to have her around in the team! :) and we're so similar in terms of how early we sleep, we always get poked fun at. 

look at candera [bottom left] and su [top right]! hahahahas. :D 

shooters! :D 
we look so happy and relaxed here, i don't know whether that's the case when we're on court. being a shooter is damn stressful! why haven't i managed to move myself outside the circle. :( 
i love these girls though! they are all hilarious. 

as much as it was tough, and it threw me up a v steep learning curve, i enjoyed every bit of it. 
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