April 3rd, 2012

this was supposed to be posted a long time ago...

it is very obvious that i haven't been updating. although i really should be because i would really love to have something to look back on years from now. 

#1. finally attaining my umpiring cert! 
so yes. it's something that i've wanted to do since i like, started playing netball in primary 5. after my PSLE i wanted to go and take my cert, but i think the idea of having a course and a test scared the young me so i didn't. after secondary school again i wanted to go, but young me didn't find anyone to go with me so again i didn't go. not having touched netball in JC, i didn't think about it. after going back to netball again in uni, i finally decided that i should go take my cert. 
alas, i had obstacles. the course was delayed three times, and it took me almost a year to attain my cert after my initial registration. 

since then, i've umpired at zonals, the mixed social league and today i just did a carnival. i have to say the carnival was the most tiring cause it was long hours under the hot sun and they were primary school girls who didn't quite understand the rules. 
now i'm gonna be coordinating for the primary school zonals. hahas. 

i need to get a nice sports polo tee, a nice sports tank top, and a visor. so that i'm more prepared for the sun! 

#2. uni 
after almost finishing my two years in uni, i'm at a cross road at whether i should go for a second major or not. it's the thing about whether it's useful to have a second major, versus the amount of time and money that is put in to attain the second major. it's about whether i should use the summer to clear modules, which would help to decide whether i have 2/3 sems left in school.
after a whole week of thinking, i still have no idea. partly because oasis is screwed up and my degree report doesn't do it properly. 

#3. the boy has finally ORD-ed
2 years after the teary goodbye, he's finally out of army. and it feels good actually, to be able to text him any time, not having to say goodnight so early, being able to meet him more often to do more things, and i guess, just having him around more. :) 
i am thankful that he has safely survived army. it's something that i would never take for granted. 
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been eating quite a bit of chocolates now, and it's funny how when you eat certain things, you think of certain people. 

eating ferrero rocher brings back alot of memories from young when i ate just the outside and made my mother eat the nut in the centre. hahas. of course as i grew older i started feeling bad, and i started eating the nut on my own. 

toblerone i always remember, gets stuck in my teeth. hahas. 
and did you know,

i didn't! =x =x =x am i slow? :( 
now when i eat toblerone i'll always rmb yx's cousin saying it's her favourite chocolate. hahas. 

speaking of which, 
his bro got married over the weekend! it was great fun, meeting all the people in the family. a bit confusing cause it's so big, but i'll get there. hahas. and we got some pretty pictures as a result of the wedding! 

teehee :D 

time flies, i'm almost finishing year 2 of my uni now. :) 
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