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week 8

and so i've been wanting to do a proper post about my first season in SMU netball, but i haven't gotten the pictures, and words alone seem really boring, so i shall postpone it. like till i get the photos. 

therefore, i shall be lingering on my week 8, which does feel like week 8, because i managed to go away to penang for a while. :) 
we went there to see the little one, who has grown alot since the last time we saw her! and looking at her baby photos, i almost couldn't put two and two together. she's lost alot of weight since. :( 

i'll just let the pictures do the talking? 

her standard two poses now that she sees a camera. :D 

too cute! :D 

watching her is enough entertainment for 4 days. don't need to go shopping or anything! too smart for her own good, the adults say. from a child's point of view, i think i would say she has the adults wrapped around her fingers! hurhur. :D 

and i finally went to watch lion king last night. :) baby's treat!:)

when i first went into the theatre, i was overwhelmed by how small it actually is! i thought like it would be this grand theatre thingy, but it's actually more of a small cosy setting. 

we had pasta at a restaurant opposite the theatre. which has quite good food and service i must say! but if you're hungry, then the portions are a little, too small. hur. 

the stage background 

the nicer two of the photos we took that day. :D 

 i love you! <3
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