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week 13 update

i haven't had the habit of blogging recently, i blame my laziness and then the craziness of school. the past two weeks were prolly worse than the whole of the sem combined. 
the first time i stayed in school past 3am. goodness gracious. i think i almost died. 

school is really crazy. and i guess though i'll never get used to it, i'll have to try and get along with it cause if my plan works, i still have 4 more sems in SMU. if my plan doesn't work, i would have 5 more sems. gawddd. 

in all of this craziness, i just thank god that i have an understanding boyfriend. who understands that i need to cancel our movie date because i just need to finish my project. who brings me for soothing walks [okay actually today was only the first time] at lower pierce that really helped me relax alot. who understands i can't meet him because i need to send my grannie and fetch my grannie from malaysia. what more can i ask for, really? 
we both know there's no certainty till we sign the papers, but at least we will make the effort to make this work. 
guess we never really know what God's plans are, but i just really thank God for giving me him.
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