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i haven't blogged alot this 2011, and today, i feel compelled to. because the last day of the year always calls for reflection. 

i'm thankful there has been no major drama in my life this year. after so many years of drama, this is the year that really allowed me to settle in. 

i'm thankful that in my family, so many things have been settled, and we are even more close knitted. now, we are also close to relatives in penang. :) i'm thankful that this year, i had the ability to drive my grannie to see her long time friends in malaysia. sometimes it's heartbreaking seeing them and what they've become, how they are treated by their kids based on the life they previously had. 
i can't ask for anything more with my fam. 

i'm thankful that i found another family in my bf's fam. they are all so warm and loving, and it's been a long journey since i first stepped into their house. i'm looking forward to getting more involved in their lives next year and being more accepted and just being more of a part of their family. 

i'm thankful for a relationship that is stable. thankful that i've found the best boyfriend in the world who is understanding when i'm busy at sch, and when i need to spend time with my family. i'm thankful for a person who showers we with unconditional love and accepts me for who i am. i'm thankful we are making this work regardless how our lives are busy. and i'm looking forward to his ORD and him entering into uni! 

i'm thankful that in school, i'm settling in. while i haven't been doing spectacular, i'm getting to know what i want to do. i'm thankful that in sch, i've made new good friends. 

i'm thankful that in CCA i've gotten a position and i've got a great supporting team. i'm thankful that the competitive team is growing, and that our skill level is higher. 

i'm thankful that i've managed to keep in contact with old friends.

i have so many things to be thankful for this year. 
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