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been eating quite a bit of chocolates now, and it's funny how when you eat certain things, you think of certain people. 

eating ferrero rocher brings back alot of memories from young when i ate just the outside and made my mother eat the nut in the centre. hahas. of course as i grew older i started feeling bad, and i started eating the nut on my own. 

toblerone i always remember, gets stuck in my teeth. hahas. 
and did you know,

i didn't! =x =x =x am i slow? :( 
now when i eat toblerone i'll always rmb yx's cousin saying it's her favourite chocolate. hahas. 

speaking of which, 
his bro got married over the weekend! it was great fun, meeting all the people in the family. a bit confusing cause it's so big, but i'll get there. hahas. and we got some pretty pictures as a result of the wedding! 

teehee :D 

time flies, i'm almost finishing year 2 of my uni now. :) 
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